These machines are commonly used in civil construction, mining, and forestry sectors. They are suitable for excavating and loading functions. Some of the models come with optional attachments, such as big sized buckets, various type of Grapples, Elevating Cabin, etc. 
We are producing wide ranging excavators, such as PC130F-7, PC200-8 logging spec, PC200-8 SLF, PC300-8 Log Yarder, PC300-8PLC, PC400LCSE-8R, PC1250-8R, and PC2000-8.
PC130 F-7
Operating Weight  :  13.975 kg
PC200-8 logging spec
Operating Weight  :  21.520 kg
PC300-8 Log Yarder
Operating Weight  :  37 600 kg
PC300-8 PLC
Operating Weight  :  39,770 kg
Operating Weight  :  44.090 kg
Operating Weight  : 110.900 kg
Operating Weight  : 195.000 kg
PC200-8 SLF
Operating Weight  :  22.190 kg

These machines are mainly used in mining sectors to move overburdens, rocks, and minerals. A typical dump truck is equipped with a hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear, the front of which can be lifted up to allow the contents to be deposited on the ground behind the truck at the site of delivery. Currently, we are producing 2 kinds of Dump Truck, HD465-7R and HD785-7.

Operational Weight  :  43.100 kg
Operating Weight     :  72.000 kg

Bulldozers are crawlers (continuous-tracked tractor) equipped with a substantial metal plates (known as blades). These machines are being used to perform dual functions of dozing and hauling. They can also be used for leveling earth. All models come with available optional attachments, such as Ripper and Towing Winch. Currently we are producing series D68ESS-12E0 and D85ESS-2.

Operating Weight  :  18.800 kg
Operating Weight  :  19.190 kg

It’s designed with a long blade for preparing the substrate of roads and other flat earth as well as leveling aggregate. It is also able to finish a slope and dig a ditch to create a flat surface during the grading process .
Currently, we are producing 1 model, GD535-5.

Operating Weight     :  10.800 kg


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