The history of Komatsu Indonesia dates back to 1972 when United Tractors was appointed as a sole agent of Komatsu products in Indonesia. Ten years later the Government of Indonesia embarked on a program to develop a domestic heavy equipment industry by appointing Komatsu, Caterpillar and Mitsubishi as pioneers. 

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    Assembling: Emerging of Manufacturing Industry

    Komatsu Indonesia was established on December 13, 1982, as a joint venture between Komatsu Ltd and its distributor in Indonesia, PT United Tractors, supported by Sumitomo Corp and Marubeni Corp.

    The Company started by assembling completely knocked-down units at an assembling plant built in United Tractors’ Industrial Development Center area at Cakung in East Jakarta.

    Before the assembly plant began to operate, the company sent 16 employees to Japan for training for nine months. These pioneering employees would later play instrumental roles in the company’s development.

    The first product, bulldozer  D85A-18, was launched on August 31, 1983.

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    Expanding Facilities for Local Manufacturing

    To improve its own manufacturing capacity, Komatsu Indonesia built a fabricated component plant in the same area as the assembly plant. 

    Components such as buckets for wheel loaders, blades and C-frames for bulldozers, booms and arms for hydraulic excavators had been manufactured at the plant. 
    To meet the need for demand, Komatsu Indonesia started exporting fabricated components to Japan in 1987.

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    Supply of Components: Cross-Sourcing

    Komatsu Indonesia embarked an initiative to establish an “intergrated manufacturing facility” by bulilding a foundry plant in present place (Cakung Cilincing) 

    An expansion saw the construction of a frame fabrication plant in the same location. These two plants have strengthened the position of Komatsu Indonesia as a supplier of components for global Komatsu as part of the cross-sourcing strategy. 
    Meanwhile, the production of heavy equipment that was suited to the needs of domestic customers started with the development of working gear.

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    International Manufacturing Base “Multi-Sourcing”

    Entering the basic phase of International manufacturing, Komatsu Indonesia made its first export of complete machine and took part in Komatsu Group’s multi-sourcing strategy in 1995. 

    Komatsu Indonesia was listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1995, allowing the company to raise funds to build a new assembly plant, which was completed in 1997. The establishment of the plant capped Komatsu Indonesia’s goal in creating an integrated complex where all its manufacturing facilities are placed in one area. 
    To prepare further challenge, at that time period we did the activity to strengthen our own capability such as: achieved ISO 14001 for Environment Management System in 2002 and ISO 9001 for Quality Management System in 2003; established Foundry Plant 2 on 2005.

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    Expand role as part of Global Komatsu Strategy

    Komatsu Indonesia “go private” in 2006 in line with Komatsu Global policy. This corporate action continued with the consolidation of share ownerships at all Komatsu Group’s companies in Indonesia under Komatsu Indonesia. Komatsu Indonesia later assumed responsibility for corporate governance in Indonesia. In this spirit, PT Pandu Dayatama Patria, a subsidiary producing cylinders, was merged with Komatsu Indonesia in 2009.

    To strengthen its capacity to manufacture bigger units, Komatsu Indonesia constructed a big-size fabrication plant in Cibitung to produce PC3000-PC4000 components and expanded the assembly plant to produce big machines such as HD465, HD785, PC1250 and PC2000. 
    To support distributors and strengthen machine availability, Komatsu Indonesia embarked on various activities in cooperation with United Tractors.

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    Focus on Bigger Size

    Thirty years after its inception, Komatsu Indonesia has emerged as a company with a reputation for technological innovation, establishing itself a strategic position in the Komatsu Global Strategy.

    With core competence as a manufacturer of mid-size heavy equipment, Komatsu Indonesia has moved to build bigger machines and components. We will go to bigger sizes for bigger contribution for global Komatsu.

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    2014 - Present

    Emphasize on Customer Satisfaction

    In this period, the demand of global mining commodity has been slowing down. To cope this situation, Komatsu Indonesia is utilizing every capability and moving forward to be more pro active to meet customer demand by analyzing the specific needs for each customer and providing immediate solution to customer problem in infrastructure, agro, & forestry that still growing up nowadays.

    Komatsu Indonesia is not only prioritizing customers orientation but also continuing to enhance its human resources competence for better quality and aggressively perform continuous improvement in every aspect by implementation of Total Quality Management.