Year End Gathering

On March 21st, 2019, Komatsu Indonesia (KI) held End of FY2018 Gathering to express gratitude of what have been achieved and closed the Fiscal Year of 2018 with new spirit. It was started by watching KI FY2018 kaleidoscope video and strengthen by Mr. Dewo’s speech as KI President Director regarding 3C (Care, Commitment and Consistent) for Total Quality Management (TQM) continues implementation.  In this event, KI also had to release 5 expatriates to return to Japan which were Mr. Yoshito Komatsu, Mr. Kenichi Kamikawa, Mr. Hiroyuki Enoki, Mr. Masaya Nozawa and Mr. Yu Ogawa. This event theme was Indonesian traditional for promoting Indonesian culture to KI Japanese Expatriates.