The Launching of "Inspiration Plaza" Komatsu Indonesia

On September 2nd 2021, we held the launching of “Inspiration Plaza” located near the Main Office of Komatsu Indonesia Cakung Plant. The event was opened with a speech from KI President Director, Mr. Pratjojo Dewo and brief explanation from Mr. Taufiqullah and Mrs. Ari Setyaningsih about Inspiration Plaza. The plaza is now used not only for employees to have lunch during lunch time, but also to have group discussion and meetings outdoors safely. 

The shape of the roof of this Inspiration Plaza is taken from the shape of a mask with the intention of protecting Komatsu Indonesia employees and all company stakeholders, especially from COVID-19. Likewise with the naming of this plaza, namely Inspiration Plaza, so that this plaza is used as a place to exchange ideas between fellow employees in a new atmosphere so that they get inspiration in carrying out our daily duties. In the launching event of Inspiration Plaza, we also held an offline retirement graduation ceremony for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was attended by managerial and Board of Directors who worked in the office and committee of the event. The event went well and smoothly, hopefully this plaza can be used as well as possible and can bring goodness to the company.