The 53rd All Komatsu QC Convention

As an annual agenda to support continuous improvement, PT Komatsu Indonesia has always been consistent in participating in "The 53rd All Komatsu QC Convention". This agenda was organized by Komatsu Limited on November 11, 2021. Participants are members of the Komatsu Group spread throughout the world with a total of 95 participants consisting of QC Circle and QC Staff. This group is divided into 13 streams (6-8 groups / streams) and the material is displayed alternately starting at 06.45 – 13.00 WIB. Komatsu Group Indonesia sent 6 improvement stories (4 QCC & 2 QCS) which competed in this agenda. The successful and proud achievements of the representatives of PT Komatsu Indonesia are as follows:

1. Sembara - QCC Category - Department Asia Development Center - Gold Prize

2. Agustinus BM - QCS Category - Department Manufacturing Engineering - Global Prize