Status Report and Post Prize Review Three Years After Receiving The Prize

As we all know, Komatsu Indonesia has implemented TQM and we become the first company in Indonesia to achieve or win “Deming Prize”, to be exact in 2018.

The duty for the company that has win Deming Prize is doing “TQM spreading” to other companies in Indonesia, then three years after we have to send “Post Prize TQM Practice Status Report”, after that the thing that should be done is “Post Prize Preview” with the specified time, 22nd November 2021.

Post Prize Preview has been done by us online with 3 JUSE auditors in Japan. The review scheme was done by doing presentation, Question and Answer, and advice from JUSE auditor.

The presentation this time was dominated by 70% new presenters. This is meant as a regeneration process and deployment of TQM understanding to the younger generation so the understanding of TQM can be sustainable. JUSE auditors have given much advice, but generally the evaluation from JUSE is Komatsu Indonesia still applies TQM well and consistently.