Oxygen Mini Plant Donation

Since the spike in active cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia from June to July 2021, several industry experts and associations have initiated self-help and voluntary movements to help the national health crisis affected by the pandemic, particularly related to oxygen scarcity. This activity was supported by a number of industry leaders, such as Hilman Risan as Hinabi Advisor, Pratjojo Dewo as President Director of PT. Komatsu Indonesia, Jamaludin as the General Chair of Hinabi, Bambang Susilo who is the President Director of PT. Nusatama Blessing, dr. Basuki Supartono as Founder of Al-Fauzan Islamic Center Hospital, Dr. Anto from LIPI, Selo Winardi as CEO of PT. Tira Austenite and received appreciation from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.

This event was held on September 24, 2021, which was marked by the symbolic handover of the Oxygen Mini Plant Donation which is one of the goals of the total Super connection Program for the independence of the domestic oxygen industry in the future and is expected to better anticipate the next wave of disasters in the near future. The symbolic handover of the Oxygen Mini Plant Donation, of course, cannot be separated from the support and cooperation of all parties. PT. Komatsu Indonesia has carried out a series of activities such as Focus Group Discussions (FGD), weekly meetings and the provision of oxygen refilling donations for hospitals that have handled COVID-19.

The oxygen mini plant donation was officially given to the Indonesian Red Crescent (BSMI) which oversees domestic hospitals, in this case represented by the General Chairperson of BSMI, M. Djazuli Ambari. And for this first unit, it will be installed at the Islamic Center Al-Fauzan Hospital, owned by dr. Basuki Supartono. From the activities supported by a number of industry leaders, representatives of Superconnection Indonesia hope that industry players and leaders are very concerned and have great desire to help this country from the downturn due to the Coronavirus.