Kusmayanto Kadiman Visit

On September 22, Komatsu Indonesia had a guest who was one of the advisors on the advisory board of Komatsu, Ltd, namely Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman. In addition to being an advisor on the advisory board of Komatsu, Ltd., he served as State Minister for Research and Technology in the United Indonesia Cabinet in 2004-2009. During his visit this time, Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman along with the board of directors held a plant tour at Komatsu Indonesia Cakung Plant, KBN Plant, Cibitung Plant, and ended at Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia.

The activity started in the morning at 9 am in the BOD Room, followed by an agenda at the Komatsu Indonesia Inspirasi Plaza where Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman gave a symbolic image in one part of the park. The activity was continued with a short presentation in the Komatsu Indonesia Solar Panel area. Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman was accompanied by the board of directors and representatives of the General Manager to carefully tour all parts of the plant at Komatsu Indonesia's Cakung Plant from the Fabrication Plant, Foundry Plant, Hydraulic Plant, Plant Assembly, and Komatsu Indonesia Organic House.

The agenda at Cakung Plant ended after lunch and continued with a plant tour at the KBN Plant. Cibitung Plant, and Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia. The plant tour at Komatsu Indonesia went smoothly and well. There are lots of inputs and suggestions from Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman to improve in each plant.