Komatsu Task Force Team for Overcoming Covid-19

          The outbreak of COVID-19 virus is one of the tests for Komatsu Group Risk Management. The global pandemic not only threatens business continuity, but more importantly is the threat to employees and families. Responding to this, Komatsu group in Indonesia formed a “Task Force Team Komatsu Tanggap Covid-19” that ensures the handling of the spread of Covid-19 virus in all Komatsu group environments is planned and effective.
          This task force consists of "Information Center", "Operational", and "Medical". The task of the "Information Center" team is to monitor the development of the distribution of viruses, including mapping the health conditions of employees and families, as well as monitoring the development of standard protocols and related regulations. Whereas the "Operational" team ensures that the control is effective, especially in the company environment, including monitoring of affected employees (and families). While the "Medical" team is the key for handling of medical cases, especially related to Covid-19, as well as providing references for management and networking with employees. The entire teams are required to hold regular cross-area daily meetings by implementing a "Physical  Distance" policy and utilizing Microsoft Office 365.
          Komatsu Group is well aware of the importance of easy, transparent and affordable information access; both for employees and families. Beside the Daily Health Survey, Komatsu Group employees can also contact "Komatsu Tanggap Covid-19" Call Center to submit or ask more specific questions regarding Covid-19. One of the things most frequently asked by employees is who needs to do a health check at the hospital. This is an important issue, considering that at this time we must reduce interactions, especially in areas with high risk of contamination such as hospitals. While on the other hand, we must remain productive and actively contribute and not easily give up on the situation, especially on confusing news that cannot be accounted for. Therefore, let us fully understand the character of the spread of the Covid-19 virus and take a role in stopping its spread.