Komatsu Indonesia Time Capsule Ceremony

December 13, 2021 is a historic day for Komatsu Group Indonesia, where on that day the time capsule was placed into the inscription located at the Plaza Inspirasi PT Komatsu Indonesia. This activity was attended by the board of directors and commissioners from Komatsu Group Indonesia offline while still implementing the applicable health protocol, namely 5M+. The event was held right after the 39th Indonesian Komatsu Anniversary which fell on the same date. A time capsule is a storage of historical items or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to assist future archaeologists, anthropologists or historians. With a proper treatment, this time capsule can last for generations to come. Komatsu Group Indonesia’s time capsule were meant to lasts for 100 years with memorable goods that signify the year of 2021. The BOD of all Komatsu Group Indonesia were joined to put the goods into the capsule representing their companies such as, magazines, product leaflet, merchandise, pins, trophy award, product miniature, and even COVID-19 kit and handphone that was made originally from Indonesia’s brand. These items were put into an air vacuumed package to prevent any damage before putting them into the capsule. The capsule also made of steel with tight protection before burying them into the inscription. We hope these items will be a monumental sign of 100 Years Komatsu for the next generation in 100 years to come.