Komatsu Group Indonesia Vaccination Center

On July 12th 2021, Komatsu Indonesia opens up a Vaccination Center for employees and their families, sub-contractors, and outsource employees who are still related in Komatsu Indonesia and Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia working areas. This activity is carried out to support vaccination activities which are one of the government's programs so that it can reach all levels of society more easily, especially in the Komatsu Group Indonesia environment.

The vaccination center located in Komatsu Indonesia’s tennis court with a strict health protocols to make sure the distance was safe and comfortable for the vaccine participant. Prior to the opening of the vaccination center in Komatsu Indonesia, several employees had received their first vaccination at the Sukapura Public Health Center. This vaccination center was opened to continue the first vaccination program that had been carried out by several employees at the Sukapura Health Center and employees who had not been vaccinated. The first phase of this program was done on July 12th 2021 until August 5th 2021. This program will be held again starting from August 12, 2021 to carry out the second vaccination of vaccination participants from the previous phase.

The implementation of vaccination at the Komatsu vaccination center went well and was controlled according to the applicable health protocol. Participants who have registered to vaccinate at the Komatsu vaccination center must pass an initial screening in the form of measuring body temperature at the security post. Next, vaccine participants must take a serial number and wait in the waiting area provided until called by the committee. after the vaccine participants were called by the committee, the vaccine participants confirmed their identity at the registration desk. when the vaccine participants have finished, they can proceed to screening for blood pressure and temperature, which is followed by vaccination. After being vaccinated, vaccination participants can proceed to the data input table for the final data collection process.

Vaccine participants are advised to wait about 15 minutes after vaccination to see reactions that occur after the vaccine. If the vaccine participant does not show a reaction after the vaccine, the participant is allowed to go home and rest. Vaccine participants can also take pictures at the photo booth provided by the committee to increase awareness in the surrounding environment so that they can participate in the vaccine program that has been provided by the government.