Komatsu 100 Years

The 100Years Komatsu celebration in Indonesia was held on April 22, 2021 which coincides with the celebration of World Earth Day. This celebration was carried out simultaneously throughout the world and filled with various environmental conservation activities such as cleaning the surrounding environment or trash clean up and planting trees. This activity was live streamed on the Komatsu Earth Day website so that it can be watched by all Komatsu employees around the world.

In Indonesia, the 100Years Komatsu celebration is celebrated with a tree planting program held in 3 places, namely the Gunung Dahu Meranti Research Forest, the Edu Forest Setu, and the Balikpapan Botanical Garden. In this activity, Komatsu Indonesia collaborated with Komatsu Group Indonesia such as Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia, Komatsu Marketing & Support Indonesia, Komatsu Astra Finance, Modular Mining Indonesia, and Komatsu Mining Corps. In addition, Komatsu also invited local representatives and suppliers to join together in this tree planting activity. In addition to activities on Mount Dahu, Komatsu Indonesia also held cleaning activities around the office environment in Cakung for 1 hour for employees who were unable to participate in activities on Mount Dahu.

In carrying out this activity, strict health protocols were enforced from the committee and invited guests to prevent the spread of COVID-19 which has not yet subsided. Activities are held outdoors with a maximum capacity of 50 people.