Kick-off 2021 All Komatsu Technology Olympic for Asia Region (KGI, KIPL, BKC)

For decades, the All-Komatsu Technology Olympics has been held in Japan. Unfortunately, it cannot be arranged as usual this year due to the influence of covid-19. However, it cannot prevent us from continuing to improve our technical skills as Komatsu members. Therefore, KIPL, KI Group (KUI and KRA), and BKC cooperates to hold “Asia KOMATSU Technology Olympic 2021” under the slogan of “Together we can transform individual excellence into a collective Global achievement and Sustainable growth” on August 5th, 2021, among 3 companies in Komatsu Group in Asia Region (KGI, KIPL, BKC). 

It was the second virtual opening ceremony that has been held since the first All Komatsu Technology Olympic. In the opening ceremony, we will have speeches from each plant president director and KLTD delicate speech, and also self-introduction of participants from each plant. In the speech of each plant president director, we have very good information about company knowledge and each human resource development activities (Takumi).  

We also heard the delicate speech of KLTD from Mr. Nobuhara as President of Production Division KLTD. He encourages us to always make safety No.1, work in health and demonstrate your technical skills which you have improved through daily work, and to grow through the competition.