KI Handed Over Scholarships & Education Supports to Employees' Children

                 PT Komatsu Indonesia (KI) annually provides scholarships and education supports to employees’ children from elementary, junior, high/ vocational school, until university. This year, the Scholarship Award Ceremony was held in Excavator Room, KIMDI (Komatsu Indonesia Management Development Institute) Building on Tuesday (24/09). The event opened by the speech from Mr. Bambang Haryanto as KI President Commissioner. To optimize the benefit of scholarships, the program continues to work with Employees Cooperative of Astra International (Astra).
                "Hopefully this scholarship & education supports could motivate employees' children for always getting the excellent performances, being the inspirations for the family and surrounding environment, and finally contributing to the nation," said Mr. Bambang Haryanto in his opening speech.
                As an embodiment of 3C culture: Care - Sensitive and responsive, Commitment - Fulfilling promises, strong determination and responsibility, and  Consistent - Diligent and obedient to the principle, all registrations are served through one door, Yayasan Komatsu Indonesia Peduli (YKIP) for both scholarships’ registration, Astra Cooperative and KI education supports.
               This year, KI employees’ children who received the scholarship from Cooperative of Astra increased by 26% (2018 for 130 people and 2019 increased to 175 people). This increasement was due to the increase of profits and activeness of members in Cooperative of Astra. While the employees’ children who received KI scholarships increased sharply by 57% (2018 for 96 people and 2019 rose to 225 people). For education supports (starting school and going upper class), it was also increasing of 44% (2018 for 119 and 2019 increased to 213).