INDI 4.0 Verification

4 teams of verifiers and 2 companion teams of the ministry of industry were present to verify INDI 4.0. The management speech was delivered by Mr. Pratjojo Dewo as the President Director and was also attended by Mr. Bambang Haryanto as the President Commissioner and several members of the Board of Directors (BOD).

The agenda for the day was in addition to the presentation from Management, Journey industry 4.0 Komatsu Indonesia, there was also a process of exposure by employees/engineers at the factory. The presentation was carried out with the verifier team visiting the factory to see firsthand the digitization activities in the company. Approximately 15 projects were presented. At the end of the session, each person in charge of the INDI Pillar presented the results of the self-assessment in front of the verifier.