IMD Servo Press Machine H1F200-2 First Production Ceremony

On March 12th, 2021 Komatsu Indonesia held a ceremony for the first production of IMD Servo Press Machine H1F200-2 at Cibitung Fabrication Plant. This project has been started since 2019 with the help from Kanazawa experts to supervise. And now we produce the complete assembled IMD Small Press Machine with accordingly welding, machining, assembling, and inspection process. It was very special because we produced this machine supervised by Kanazawa expert through virtual instruction or online meeting. Following to their working instruction and procedure including drawing we built this machine carefully.

This ceremony was attended by Mr. Naoki Fujita as Komatsu Ltd Managing Director, Mr. Isao Ohya as Kanazawa Plant Manager and Mr. Yasushi Kitade as KIC President who fully supported this project and attend in this Launching First Production Ceremony by Virtual. Mr. Bambang Haryanto as Commissioner President and Mr. Pratjojo Dewo as President Director were also present to gave  speech in this oppurtunity, they hopes that this product could be accepted by customer and could support the global demand of press machine in the world.

Mr. Naoki Fujita also said in the speech that Komatsu Indonesia has capacity and capability to produce this machine and get more competitive by conducting improvement including localization. In the ceremony also attend Mr. Semba Shinichi Semba as vice president director of Komatsu Indonesia, Mr. Shin Suzuki as Representative from Komatsu Marketing and Support Indonesia, Mr. Rudi Kurnianto as Construction Manufacturing Director of KI, and Mr. Risdhianto B Irawan as Administration Director of KI.  This first production machine will be delivered to KAILLC, America on March 2021. 

This ceremony was held with healthy protocol due to COVID-19 pandemic.