Health E-learning for KI Group Employees’ Wife

                 As company's concern for employees and their families in the effort of covid-19 prevention, health education is needed not only for the employees itself but also for their families, especially their wife, as the spearhead of family’s health at home. Thus, KI Group has been conducting Health E-Learning and Webinar for employees’ wife. The e-learnings are divided to 9 batches with all employees’wife as the participants with total around 800 target participants. This e-learning conducted through Webinar &WhatsApp Group application where company doctor and e-learning committee joined as the group administrator to provide useful health information and knowledge for them.

               The 1st Health Webinar was held on July 20th,2020 via Zoom application with KUI as the host. KI’s 1st Health Webinar was held on July 27, 2020 with dr. Indah Raksi Padmasari from Jakarta Utara Local Government of Public Health as the speaker. Until the end of July 2020, 4 batches of Health Webinar done successfully, and there are still 5 batches of Webinar remaining which will be held afterward.