Halalbihalal KI FY2020: No Handshake but Still Sincere and Wholehearted

         Halalbihalal PT Komatsu Indonesia (KI) FY2020 was held on consecutive days 26-27 May 2020 following the temporary on-off working schedule of employees, and conducted virtually through video recording and live voice streaming to all plants from Cakung Cilincing to Cibitung. In substitute of handshake tradition, management symbolically gave souvenir with  'Eid Mubarak' greeting cards attached on it to KI Labor Union as employee representatives. After that, the gift is distributed by each related manager to all KI employees.
         Mr. Pratjojo Dewo (KI President Director) in his speech said that Ramadhan and Eid this time was special and had a special meaning where in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we could still be thankful for being given pleasure and the opportunity to use more time for worship and build better relationships with family at home.  He also advised that we should always seek the bright side of everything that occurred in life and believe there's ease behind the difficulties and  there are always opportunities as long as we keep trying and working out to overcome these difficulties.  Where in this covid-19 pandemic, we must try to remain cautious, vigilant, and pray and follow the protocol established by the government and company.