Halal Bi Halal 1442H Komatsu Indonesia

Halal bi Halal Komatsu Indonesia FY2021 was held on 17 May 2021 conducted virtually and live voice paging to all plants from Cakung Cilincing to KBN and Cibitung also from Teams Meeting following the temporary on-off working schedule of employees. To substitute handshake tradition, management symbolically gave a souvenir to Komatsu Indonesia Labor Union as employee representatives in each plant. After that, the gift distributed by each related manager to all KI employees. 

Mr. Pratjojo Dewo (KI President Director) in his speech said that Eid al-Fitr this time had a special meaning where Eid al Fitr on 13 May coincides with Komatsu’s 100 years. He shared that in the history of establishment of Komatsu Manufacturing where Mr. Meitaro Takiuchi emphasized concern to the sustainability of the society with the principles of quality, technological innovation, global expansion and Human Resource Development. On this occasion he also conveyed a special appreciation from the president of Komatsu Ltd, Mr. Hiroyuki Ogawa, for the participation and persistence of all employees and employees, especially in difficult times during this pandemic which will be given as one time allowance to be used wisely.

The agenda was closed with a prayer of gratitude for God's grace which has provided the opportunity for all of us to carry out this activity in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with a strict COVID-19 health protocols.