Gadget Submission for KSBB Jakarta Program (Large-Scale Social Collaboration)

On February 10, 2021, PT. Komatsu Indonesia donated suitable gadgets to a number of schools in need in the North Jakarta area in order to participate in the KSBB (Large-Scale Social Collaboration) program in Jakarta. The KSBB program is one of the programs implemented by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government for all citizen, especially in Jakarta and its surroundings, to donate the people in need. The KSBB program has several categories, including KSBB UMKM (micro, small, medium enterprises), KSBB for Settlements, and KSBB for Education. On this occasion, PT. Komatsu Indonesia participated in the KSBB program with the category of Education. PT. Komatsu Indonesia donated 46 sets of compatible computers to 11 schools in North Jakarta. The handover ceremony was held at the KIMDI Lobby from 09.00 to 14.00. School representatives come in turns to minimize contact and avoid crowds due to the COVID-19 pandemic which is still spreading, especially in DKI Jakarta. In addition, representatives from PT. Komatsu Indonesia was also present to hand over the gadget to school representatives.