Flag Raising Ceremony August 17, 2021

The flag-raising ceremony every August 17 is an obligatory and sacred thing to be done by all Indonesian people in celebrating Indonesia's birthday. The raising of the red and white flag signifies the struggle of the heroes who contributed to the independence of Indonesia in 1945. As a form of gratitude for the struggle of the heroes at that time, the flag-raising ceremony became a ritual that must be done every year.

Although the COVID-19 outbreak is still rampant, the enthusiasm of the Indonesian people has not faded to celebrate Independence Day this year, of course, by following the health protocols that have been set. PT. Komatsu Indonesia held a flag-raising ceremony on August 17, 2021 with a shortened time. Of course, this time the ceremony felt different because the participants were limited to 30 participants. Although the ceremony cannot be attended by all employees, with the current conditions we hope that all employees can celebrate Indonesia's 76th birthday with their families in their respective homes.