Family Gathering 2019

KI Family gathering conducted on all weekend in January that divided into 4 batches, 6th,13rd, 20th, 27th January 2019 and participated by 5.185 person (employees and families). The theme of this event was “consistency”, invited all employees to internalize the values that obtained from the implementations of TQM and transmitted it to the families.

The lodgments for the all employees and families divided in three places, Royal Safari Garden Hotel, Grand Ussu Hotel, and Puncak Raya Hotel. This event was the company’s annual routine event, and to celebrate 36th Komatsu Indonesia Anniversary. This event also intended to tighten relation between employees & family and make employees & family happier and fresher.

The agenda of this event were fun games in the afternoon, and then the main event after dinner, in the Royal Safari Garden Hotel. The main event was a musical drama about KI employee’s hard working, performances from every work place, band performances, giving door prizes and animal shows from Safari Garden.