Diploma 1 Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Equivalent Education Graduation

We provide opportunities for employees to continue careers and improve their knowledge, skills and work attitudes in accordance with the spirit of "Sustainable Development” through the Diploma I Equivalent Education program in Heavy Equipment Manufacturing which was launched at the end of 2019 by the Management of the Komatsu Group Indonesia and the Jakarta College of Industrial Management (STMI), with 19 students as the best employees (14 Komatsu Indonesia employees, 5 Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia employees). Given the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic, learning is carried out online and face-to-face specifically for practice sessions according to health protocols.

November 28th 2020 became a historic day for students with the holding of the Graduation process for the first time in the workplace. The graduation was held at KIMDI (Komatsu Indonesia Management Development Institute) and  attended by the Management of the Komatsu Group Indonesia, families of the graduates, and STMI (Industrial Management High School) graduates via video conference (virtual).