Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2019

Komatsu Indonesia's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held on June 27, 2019 at BOD Meeting Room PT. Komatsu Indonesia (KI). The meeting was attended by representatives of shareholders as follows: Mr. Kengo Kagawa as the representative of Komatsu Ltd.; Mr. Etot Listyono, as the attorney for & representative of PT United Tractors Tbk (UT); Mr. Bambang Haryanto as the President Commissioner of KI; Mr. Junya Ankyu as the Commissioner of KI; Mr. Pratjojo Dewo as the President Director of KI; Mr. Seiichiro Harada as the Vice President of KI; Mr. Risdhianto B Irawan, Mr. Erwan Yulianto, Mr. Osamu Kodama as the Director of KI, and Mr. Aria Setyo,  Mr. Rudi Kurnianto, Mr. Nyoman Budijaya as the Invitees.

In the meeting there are 6 agendas as follows:
1. Ratification of the audited Financial Statement of the Company for end of Fiscal Year (FY) March 31, 2019;
2. Approval of the Annual Report of Board of Directors of the Company with regard to the business activities and financial administration for FY  2018 and approval of Business Plan for FY 2019;
3. Determination of the appropriation of profit for FY 2018;
4. Appointment of member of the Board of Directors (BOD) and the Board of Commissioners (BOC);
5. Remuneration for the members of BOD & BOC;
6. Appointment of Public Accountant for the FY 2019.