Hydraulic Cylinder Remanufacturing Plant

Komatsu is helping to create recycling society by promoting the reuse and recycle of used components and by improving the recyclability rate of mining and construction machinery through its Reman business. 
In 2010, Komatsu Indonesia built the hydraulic cylinder reman plant at Cibitung Plant in MM2100 Industrial Estate Cibitung. At the new plant, Komatsu Indonesia started to remanufacture cylinder components from used components obtained from customers. The products are used for mining machinery such as Electric Dump Truck 730E & 830E series, Hydraulic Dump Truck HD785 and HD465, Excavator PC750 until PC4000. For maximum capacity, the cylinder remanufacturing plant can produce 50 cylinders/month and planned to increase it to 150 cylinders/month. 
Reman offers some advantages for customers such as lower cost for the same quality as for new components, reduced idle time, and resource conservation and waste reduction. Remanufactured cylinders are exported to Australia through KMSA (Komatsu Marketing Support Australia) and for domestic distribution through KMSI (Komatsu Marketing & Support Indonesia).